Why Sell?

Every year hundreds of thousands of oil and gas interests change hands. The reasons are as numerous as there are people, but a few reasons top the list: (1) the desire to diversify one’s assets, (2) the desire to simplify one’s life, (3) the solution of multiple issues related to estate planning or administration, (4) to pay for the education of a child or grandchild, (5) the necessity of start-up and/or working capital for a new business, (6) money for retirement, (7) to provide for the return on and cash out of an earlier Investment, (8) the provision for a cash gift, (9) the provision of a cash need, generally, or (10) to divest of an asset that no longer holds the interest or enthusiasm of the owner.


Everyone’s needs and desires are different; some are tied emotionally to assets, others are not; some have investments that have performed well, others do not; some enjoy spending the time and incurring the expense of managing an oil and gas interest; others do not; some feel a need to sell all or part of one class of asset in order to fund the purchase of another; others believe in concentration of ownership; some want or need to convert an illiquid asset to cash; others may not. But whatever your situation, there might be an opportunity to change that situation by divesting some or all of your royalty or mineral interests.


At this point Hissop Energy is interested in buying royalties and minerals, and could be interested in making an offer on your interests.

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